Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fashion fiascos (in honor [?] of Fashion Week)


I truly don’t understand a trend among some—thank goodness far from all—young men to buy pants so oversized that they fall below the hips and expose the underwear. With just one clothing choice, these guys manage to look sloppy, indecent, and immature, all at the same time. Sorry, guys, but running around in your underwear is for pre-schoolers.

Call me old-fashioned and I’ll plead guilty as charged, but I can’t for the life of me comprehend why any woman would want to wear a pair of pants with a brand name, or anything else, sewn or printed (or whatever) all the way across her butt. I prefer the path of moderation in clothing: I see no good reason for a woman to hide her figure under a burka, but neither do I see any good reason for advertising one’s assets, or, for that matter, letting any other individual or entity use those assets for his/her/its own advertising.

The apparel business

One of the “finer” (read: more expensive) stores in New York City sent me an e-mail inviting me to a sale on their suits. So I checked out the sale. Aside from the fact that, even with the substantial price reductions, the suits were too expensive for me, I was dismayed to discover an additional problem: When I clicked on Size 10-12, the names of most of the designers disappeared. What do they think I am, a walking faux pas?

Even when I was still in my twenties, weighed less than 120 pounds, was still 5’3” tall, and had no potbelly whatsoever, I can’t remember ever having been smaller than a size 8. How light in weight must a woman be, and how small on top and bottom, to be considered a “normal” size rather than a “fat-lady” size?


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